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Animal Farm Petting Zoo 

Adoptions going out .....
You can adopt a pet from us too!
We have many animals available for re-homing  through our program, for a small donation.  Perfect for your home or classroom, or even your office
If you've dreamed of a backyard farm to get your own fresh eggs,  we may also have laying hens available.
Cages & equipment are available too! 
Many of the friendly animals been someone's loved pet and through no fault of their own had to be separated from their families.  These are often older and calmer animals who make great family pets. 
Pets to be adopted may include
Guinea Pigs to cuddle
Bunnies to snuggle
Ducks (ducks lay eggs too)
Guinea Hens
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Ask if it's not listed
Various Donation fees apply
Adoptions coming in ..... Can't keep your pet?
You must call and make an appointment before bringing an animal here to be sure we have the room.   Donation fees for each animal coming into the program vary & are subject to change.

Please be aware Ö..
We understand the emotional toll giving up a beloved pet has on you and your family. Decide if this is the best decision possible for your family and your pet. The transition can be very difficult for you and for your pet.
It is very stressful for any animal to be moved from itís everyday surroundings to a new one. Because of this not all animals can make the adjustment safely. Their health may be greatly affected by this sudden change. Animals that do not adjust to the different environment, can become highly stressed and are much more susceptible to becoming very ill. Adoption out, disposition or placement will be at our discretion.
If you feel you will need to come back and visit often with your former pet, we suggest a Season Pass. This will allow you to visit as often as you like. We cannot guarantee your pet will stay in the park. Once an animal is in our adoption program, we do try to find homes for them. Happily, many are placed with great success.
Rabbits $50
Ducks $25
Ducklings - sml $10, med $15, large $20
Hens $25
Roosters $30
Chicks - sml $10, med $15, large $20
Guinea Pigs $25
Turtles $15
Tortoises $25
Exotics & other animals - please call 631-878-1785
It is advisable to check the zoning in your town when adopting farm animals. When you adopt a pet you are agreeing to protect and provide proper food, shelter and care for them. We are not responsible for the animal once it becomes adopted out.
Love them all? Get a Season Pass and see your favorite anytime!